Squiggy Classic Inline
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Squiggy 2017

Bryce Moseley's Photos
Jeff Adams' Photos
Bill Krinsley's Photos
Michael Stephenson's Photos

Squiggy 2009

2009 Skate in the Dark Video by Gustavo Martinez Hidalgo - YouTube 4:05minutes

2009 Squiggy Classic Inline Skating Marathon - by Gustavo Martinez Hidalgo - YouTube 9.55minutes

Video by Nadine Jackson and her husband YouTube 8:50minutes

Photos from Jan Kopis, Chicago

If you have photos and videos that you want linked on this page - just send us the info and we will link to it!

Marathon Sunday 9 March, 2008

Taken Tom Dellaringa

Few seconds "films" from 2008 - 4 corners gave some nice crossover practice!

Squiggy 2007

Taken by Lenny Wilcox

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