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Squiggy Classic Inline (13-15 March) and Tampa Classic Easter Invitational (9-12 April) will be combining the efforts this year!!

Tampa Inline Challenge is just that!

The challenge is for age group only - no pro skaters, just age group.

To qualify for a placement in the Tampa Inline Challenge you have to participate in at least 1 race at each event.

There will be 4 races total in Tampa Inline Challenge; a short + a long from Squiggy Classic Inline and short + long from Tampa Classic.

Distance is depending on age, if you want to race up, that's ok as well.

Qualifying races are:

Squiggy Classic Inline:

Short race; time trial = 10K (only people skating a solo time trial can use their result) all age groups same distance.

Long race either half marathon or marathon;
0-9: half marathon
10-12: half marathon
13-19: full marathon
20-29: full marathon
30-39: full marathon
40-49: full marathon
50-59: full marathon
60-69: full marathon
+70: full marathon

Tampa Classic, outdoors races only

  Short race: Long Race:
8 and under: 200m 500m
9-10: 500m 5K
11-12: 500m 5K
13-16: 500m 10K
17-24: 500m 10K
25-29: 500m 10K
30-34: 500m 10K
35-39: 500m 10K
40-44: 500m 10K
+50: 500m 10K

Points will be given four deep:

1st: 30 points
2nd: 20 points
3rd: 10 points
4th: 5 points

There's no extra fee to participate in the challenge, you just have to sign up for Squiggy Classic Inline and Tampa Classic

We will recognize the winners for Tampa Inline Challenge at Tampa Classic, April 12 2009.

Looking forward to see lots of skaters do both events.

Questions - please ask!!

Why you ask?

Jessica and I (Birgit) were after Squiggy asked by many if we would organize more races - we heard ya! and thanks!! - this will be our gift to the outdoor skaters that asked for more races in Florida, hope y'all like the concept.

We hope to make outdoor skaters (those who primarily will participate in road races like Squiggy Classic Inline) see that the outdoor races/skating offered at "indoor meets" are lots of fun.

And vice-versa we hope to convince the indoor skaters that out door road skating is well yes is lots of fun!

This is the course for the short races at Tampa Inline Challenge (aprox. 200 m )


And this is the course for the long track (aprox. 1100 m)


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